About Us

Since 1981, Kumar Wire Mesh Pvt. Ltd. (KWM) has been recognized as one of the premier weavers and fabricators of wire mesh and allied wire products in India. Our staff is committed to provide the highest quality wire products that meet the most demanding requirements.

As a company, we strive to serve the needs of our customers and our employees by encouraging continued education and the implementation of new procedures and technologies in weaving, welding and processing of wire meshto ensure that the exact product is made for our end-users.


Kumar meshes is a name synonymous with adhering to international and national quality system standards that provide strong assurances of product quality for producing High grade wire cloth.

Kumar meshes are produced on modern automatic wire weaving machines. The meshes are produced in accordance to international standard for wire mesh ISO 9044. KWM uses only the best quality stainless steel wires as per international standard for wires ISO 4783, manufactured by reputed wire manufacturers of India.

Trained and highly skilled work force, technically competent supervisory staff, strict implementation of quality systems as well as stringent quality parameters for the final product ensures a wire mesh which becomes a benchmark for quality in itself.


Wire mesh also known as wire cloth or wire netting is a unique product. All of us have seen this fitted in our daily used tea strainer or flour sieves. But rarely can anyone imagine that this mesh can be manufactured in hundreds of different combinations of meshes in various sizes, wire diameters and weave patterns. It can be woven in numerous metals from galvanized iron to pure silver and it is used in almost every industry that we can think of.

It's uniqueness is not only in its variety and applications but in the interesting fact that even after hundreds of years from its invention there is still no substitute for this product because of it's ability to resist chemicals, temperature and wear-and-tear that gives it a better performance and long life.

A business of manufacturing and marketing such a product would automatically mean a sound market demand and financial success. Though it sounds so exciting, it is not easy for anyone to master the technology of weaving wire mesh. This is the reason that you find very few wire mesh manufacturers and those producing as per international standards are very rare amongst them.

Our extensive product line includes: Stainless steel wire mesh of Plain, Twilled and Dutch weave, Five Shaft twilled weave, Reverse Dutch weave, filter wire cloth, wire mesh screen, wire mesh sieves, welded wire mesh, and various other wire processed products.

Kumar Wire Mesh Pvt Ltd today supplies to a wide range of industries which include filter manufacturers, sieves and strainers, laboratory test sieves, plastic extrusion, sugar, agriculture, edible oil, soya products, textile yarn manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, OEMs, window screens, architects etc. The list is exhaustive.

Apart from this Kumar meshes are the first choice of wire mesh traders and actual Users located all over India and also being exported to 20 countries.