Business Alliance

Started in 1981, we are well – known today in India and globally.

We have been manufacturing the finest quality of Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, as per international standards for over 3 decades in India.

Kumar started manufacturing these products in technical collaboration with Rattazzi & May, a 208 years old company, who were the pioneers of wire weaving industry in Germany.

Entered into a new collaboration with G.Bopp & Co., Switzerland in 1985 until 1995.


We had entered into collaboration with G. Bopp & Co, Switzerland in the year 1985

It was a technical collaboration.

We worked with them on royalty basis.

What we achieved from this collaboration was buying some machinery from them and thereby improving our manufacturing process.

Under the guidance of Late Mr. Gerold Bopp (Chairman & Owner) and Late Mr. Max Muller (Managing Director) their technical team provided us continued support and trained our team, helping achieve and maintain international standards.

STRENGTH'S OF G.BOPP & Co, Switzerland :

  • High speed machinery
  • Excellent application
  • Backward integration i.e. making of fine weaving wire

Forward integration i.e. manufacturing special filters and things